What do I need to do to start the registration process?
    See Registration Process on the district website.
    Can I register my child prior to moving within District boundaries?
    No, only current District residents who have verified their residency through the accepted forms of proof required by the District may register.


    What are the registration timelines?

    Parents can register their child(ren) at any time of the year.
    To register for current school year contact Katie Hooper at khooper@lcmschools.org for elementary schools. Contact Karmela Cleary at kcleary@lcmschools.org for Hall Middle School.
    We recently moved within District boundaries and reside near one of the elementary schools.  Will our child(ren) attend our neighborhood school?
    If you live within the attendance parameter and space is available, your child(ren) will be placed in your neighborhood school. If space is not available in your neighborhood school, your child(ren) will be placed in the available elementary school and you may request to be placed on the wait-list to attend your neighborhood school when space becomes available. Children living within the neighborhood parameter will have priority over children who do not.


    Will my children be guaranteed placement at the same elementary school?

    Yes, siblings will be offered an elementary school placement together (except in the case of Transitional Kindergarten, which is a District program).  However, this placement may not always be at your school of choice.

    How is school placement decided?

    Parents have the opportunity to state a preference for a particular school on the Registration Form at the time of registration.  Final placement is determined based on the following prioritized criteria:

    • Defined neighborhood parameters followed by defined attendance areas. (See Key Codes on List of Streets within District Boundaries)
    • Siblings of currently enrolled students will be enrolled in the same school if they choose.  The currently enrolled sibling must be in attendance at the school when the new enrollee enters the school.
    • Facility capacity and class size. 


    When will I be notified of my child’s elementary school placement?
    Notification of elementary student placement will be according to the registration date and Round Notification timelines (see details below).  Wait-list requests will be reviewed at each round of notification, and placements will be made accordingly. Notification will only be provided when space is available.  If you are not notified, you will remain on the wait-list. 
    • Round 1 Notification - March 29 (for students registered between January and March 15)
    • Round 2 Notification - June 28 (for students registered between March 18 and June 13)
    • Round 3 Notification - August 5 (for students registered between June 14 and July 31) 
    • For registrations after July 31, notification will be as soon as possible, prior to the first day of school in August 2019.
    • Final waitlist adjustments will be made by the 10th day of school.  No transfers will be made after the 10th day of the school year

    How can I place my child on the wait-list for either elementary school? 

    Parents identify their school of preference during registration.  At that time they also indicate if they would like to be placed on a wait-list if their school of preference is not available.


    Will all my children on the wait-list be placed at the same time?

    It is the District’s desire to keep siblings together whenever possible.  If one child has a space at the school of choice and the other child(ren) do not, parents have a choice.  They may choose to stay at the school where there is space for all siblings to attend, or they may choose to accept the opening for the child at the school of choice and remain on the wait list for the other children.

    What happens when space becomes available at the school of choice?

    When you are notified that space for your child is available at your school of preference, you will have 72 hours to respond to the District with your decision.  If you decide not to accept the space or do not respond, the District will move down the list in order of priority to the next student on the wait-list.
    What if my child currently attends Neil Cummins or The Cove school but wishes to change their school? 
    Beginning January 7, 2019, parents may request an Intradistrict School Transfer Request for the following school year by completing an Intradistrict Transfer Form.  The completed form must be received in the District Office for review. All completed forms will be logged in the order in which they are received.
    Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Information
    TK is available through LCMSD for all students who will be turning five years old between September 2 and December 2. TK is offered at one site for the entire District (Neil Cummins Elementary).  All TK students of 2018-19 who will be entering Kindergarten in 2019-20 school year will remain at Neil Cummins Elementary unless:

    • Students who reside within The Cove School parameter or on the east side of 101 complete an Intradistrict School Transfer Request to attend The Cove School if space is available. 
    • Students who reside within the Neil Cummins parameter but request to attend The Cove School complete an Intradistrict School Transfer Request.  Parents will be notified if space is available