• LCMSD School Nurse / Health Liaisons
    District Nurse: Jessica Harper RN/Credentialed School Nurse, jharper@lcmschools.org, the Health Services Coordinator, oversees health services at Cove School, Neil Cummins and Hall Middle School. To schedule an appointment or to discuss health issues with Nurse Jessica, please email her.
    Health issues can also be discussed with the Community Health Liaisons on a daily basis at one of the school sites. Karen Bond, RN (415) 927-6965 x1203 for Neil Cummins or Evelyn Bignardi at (415) 945-9046 x4202 for Cove, or (415) 927-6978 x2160 Hall. 
    Health and Wellness Programs


    Other School Health Issues

    Selected pages from the comprehensive Marin County Office of Education online Health Manual. Most forms and other information on this site are also available in Spanish.



    In the past few years, there has been an increased public awareness of the possibility of outbreaks of newly defined diseases. Here are some fact-filled documents about: