Hall Teachers

    Hall faculty is a close knit family focused every day on supporting and celebrating student learning and growth. From building connections with 4th and 5th graders through our Leadership classes, to inviting back Hall grads to serve as counselors for our Cazadero Music Retreat (with Mr. Derby, lower right), to coaching multiple sports teams as a part of our co-curricular program (Ms. Gascon lower left), our teachers and staff embody our social vision statement: We Are One. 

    Hall staff

    Ms. Irving, Ms. Davis, Ms. Wilmott and Mr. McMullen hanging out with Kiernan Davis.

    Karmela Simone

    The faces/voices of Hall Middle: Administrative Assistants Karmela Cleary and Simone Davis!



    Hall Staff: "We Are One" bag of candy (on Halloween, at least!)