• School Programming and Design
    LCMSD in collaboration with Quattrocchi Kwok Architects (QKA) has begun the programming work required as an element of school design and a necessary part of school plan submittal and subsequent approval by the California Department of Education. This process begins with the district vision, mission, core values followed by educational program and facilities components.
    By Department of Education standards, Educational Specifications, have two areas:
    1. Educational Program – Typically provided by the District, Education Program provides the curricular and pedagogical underpinnings of the school. Topics include teaching methodologies and how they impact design, learning concepts such as project based, inquiry based team teaching, etc. and other elements of the school’s education program that are impacted by facilities.  A Collaborative Teaching Practices Study Group will study these issues.
    2. Facilities Design translates the language of the educational needs into the language of buildings. The Building Program provides written and area information such as number of spaces and their relationships, amenities, support spaces, outdoor spaces including outdoor learning and gathering and other facilities that ultimately will be designed by the architect.
    This section of the website will illuminate the schematic design and design development.
    The collaborative teaching practices group will include teachers, administrators, and parents.  All summary meeting notes are posted in this section of the website.  Trustees will receive updates at Board meetings.

    The Design Team will include teachers, administrators, selected parents, and trustees. The committee will seek input of the neighborhood associations.  Designs meetings will be held bi-weekly.  Schematic designs will be reviewed by the team and recommended to the Board.
    Thank you!
Last Modified on February 25, 2014