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LCMSD COVID Updates: Spring Break Travel and More ...


Dear LCMSD Community,

I hope this reaches you well. We are in countdown mode for our April 12th full return and are so excited!! Below are the latest updates.

LCMSD Featured in Learning Policy Institute and California Collaborative for Educational Excellence

Researchers from LPI (Washington DC) and CCEE began working with Mary Jane Burke and I last November regarding our countywide efforts to open schools for in-person learning. Last week, they published this brief highlighting our work. This is a huge compliment to the work we’ve done as a county and district - congratulations to all!

LCMEA and CSEA Settlement Negotiations 

Over the past few weeks, the district’s bargaining teams have been at the table. We are pleased to announce that we have MOUs with both unions through the 2021-22 school year. Our overarching commitment is to follow science and the expertise of our local or state health officials. We are confident that our MOUs will be able to adapt to this continually evolving situation. In addition to our full classroom return on April 12 with a full day at Hall and extended day at the elementary level, we confirmed our full day schedule for elementary this August. We believe this will help parents, staff, and childcare providers begin their planning for the 2021-22 school year. Thank you CSEA and LCMEA for your collaboration and partnership. 

Spring Break - Travel Guidelines

We keep waiting (and hoping) for updates to travel guidelines. For your planning purposes, please expect a 10 day quarantine or test on/after day 5 with a return on day 8 if you travel out of state for spring break. Some have asked about Tahoe. If you have a residence and/or engage in recreational activities, such as snowboarding, on the Nevada side of Tahoe you will not need to quarantine. However, if you participate in commercial activities, such as eating at a restaurant, on the Nevada side of Tahoe you will need to quarantine. Live stream will be provided for those on quarantine since it is still a part of the Marin Decision Tree. If there are any updates, we will let you know immediately. Thanks for your cooperation and flexibility. 


Thank you to the 200+ parents who have signed up to be lunch volunteers. Without you, our April 12 return would not be possible! Volunteers have been provided with links and/or resources to assist in obtaining a vaccine. Our goal is for all stable volunteers to have at least the first dose prior to April 12. Many are well ahead of schedule. 

Trainings for the Full Classroom Return

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing workshops for staff, students, and parents regarding our return to full classrooms. Our parent training is scheduled for March 30 at 8:30am and will be repeated on March 31 at 4:30pm (Zoom links will be provided the week before). The trainings will be recorded.

Take care,

Brett Geithman, Ed.D.