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LCMSD COVID Update 3.24.21


Dear LCMSD Community,

It has been a year, literally just over a year since we transitioned to distance learning for a “two-week” quarantine. However, with the vaccine and more and more data to provide evidence that schools are a safe place, we are coming full circle and will transition back to our more “normal” schedule on April 12. On behalf of the Board, leadership team, and district, we extend deep appreciation to all staff for making in-person school a success. Additionally, we thank you, parents, for your continued support and flexibility as we’ve responded to the pandemic. It takes a village, and all have shown up on behalf of our children. 

Here are the most recent COVID updates:

MCPH 30 Point Plan Revisions

Yesterday, Marin County Public Health unveiled the latest updates to the 30 Point Plan (here). We have updated our SSSPPs, as well as CalOSHA COVID Safety Plans to reflect these revisions. Below is a summary of some of the changes:

    • Distance: CDC now recommends 3 feet of distance between students. MCPH has this update reflected in their 30 Point Plan. CDPH will update their documents to meet these new guidelines. 
      • Room configuration 
        • Student chairs will be spaced no less than 3 feet, measured center to center
        • Student chairs will be placed facing forward as much as practicable
    • Testing: Not required for fully vaccinated adults. We will continue testing unvaccinated staff members (1% of LCMSD staff). 
    • Playgrounds: natural/outdoor areas only need routine maintenance. Students may use structures as assigned by their principal/teacher (it is recommended to sanitize hands before and after).
    • Elementary Mixing: across classroom mixing is permissible; examples would be EL, special education, and intervention services.
    • Daily Screening: beginning April 12 we will no longer require the daily screening for students or staff. Parents should monitor symptoms and keep symptomatic children home. Staff should self-assess for symptoms. 


  • Volunteers: should be vaccinated. We have provided opportunities for stable volunteers to be vaccinated and are having them show us their vaccination card when we conduct their background checks. 

Orange Tier

Yesterday Marin progressed to the Orange Tier. Here is the press release. 

Return to Full Classrooms Parent Training: 3/30 at 8:30 and 3/31 at 4:30

Over the next couple weeks we will be providing workshops for staff, students, and parents regarding our return to full classrooms. Our parent training is scheduled for March 30 at 8:30am and will be repeated on March 31 at 4:30pm (Zoom links will be provided shortly). The trainings will be recorded. 

Volunteer Training: 3/31 at 8:30

Lunch volunteer positions have been filled; this includes substitutes. At this time we ask that no more parents sign up. We will be conducting a volunteer training session on March 31 at 8:30am that stresses our COVID protocols, confidentiality, and how to best assist students. The training will be recorded. 

Spring Break - Travel Guidelines

We do not anticipate any further updates to travel guidelines. For your planning purposes, please expect a 10-day quarantine or test on/after day 5 with a return on day 8 if you travel out of state for spring break. Some have asked about Tahoe. If you have a residence and/or engage in recreational activities, such as snowboarding, on the Nevada side of Tahoe you will not need to quarantine. However, if you participate in commercial activities, such as eating at a restaurant, on the Nevada side of Tahoe you will need to quarantine. Live stream will be provided for those on quarantine since it is still a part of the Marin Decision Tree. Thanks for your cooperation and flexibility. 


Here is a Q&A from CDPH regarding youth sports. If your child’s team does not meet the guidelines please quarantine, notify the school, and you will be provided with live stream. 

Take care,

Brett Geithman, Ed.D.