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Class Schedules for all Schools for 2021-22


Dear LCMSD Community,

Apologies . . . the email I sent yesterday had an error on the Hall Middle School 6th grade schedule. Below is the corrected Wednesday dismissal time.

  • Hall 
    • 6th grade 8:15 - 2:50 pm (Wednesdays 2:12
    • 7th/8th grade 8:15 - 3:12 pm (Wednesdays 2:12)


Dear LCMSD Community,

I hope your summer is off to a great start! Even though the start of school seems in the distant future, I thought it might be helpful to share what information we do know for 2021-22. 

What will the school model be for 2021-22?

  • Typical/full size classes
  • Full days of in person instruction
    • Neil Cummins 8:10-2:50, Wednesdays 8:10-1:30
    • Cove 8:14-3:00, Wednesdays, 8:14-1:15
    • Hall 
      • 6th grade 8:15 - 2:50 pm (Wednesdays 2:12
      •  7th/8th grade 8:15 - 3:12 pm (Wednesdays 2:12)
  • Distance learning will not be offered

Will middle school students remain in stable groups?

We do not anticipate middle school students being grouped as they were for 2020-21 - one cohort/stable group. Middle school stable group requirements allow for students to move from class to class and have different children in each class. We are required to keep accurate seating charts in the event of a COVID+ case, where seating charts would be used for contact tracing. Hall Middle class assignments will be very similar as to how they were in pre-COVID. 

Will masks be required?

At this point, we know masks will not be required for children or adults outside regardless of vaccination status. There might be updates in August regarding the indoor use of masks. 

Do I need to turn in my student's COVID vaccine record?

No, student vaccination records are automatically transferred to us through a state system. If your child has received the COVID vaccine, we have their record. 

Are parent volunteers needed for lunch?

Yes and no. We believe that while COVID school guidance is still in place, we will need some parent volunteers to assist with lunch; however, we do not anticipate needing one per class as we had this spring. 

Is “Test or 10” in effect for summer travel?

As it stands now, yes for unvaccinated students. There might be updates in August. 

When will the Marin County Public Health Guidance for Schools be released?

We anticipate an early August release of the new guidance.

What is the school calendar for next year?

Here is the 2021-22 school year calendar. 


Vacancy on LCMSD Board of Trustees

Katherine Chan, Vice President, resigned from her role as Trustee on June 24, 2021 due to a move outside of district boundaries. Here you can find out more information about the Trustee appointment process. 


Take care,


Brett Geithman, Ed.D.