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It is important that we inform you of social media challenges that impact our school community. The latest TikTok trend is to use Splat-R-Ball Guns (aka gel blasters) in drive-by bike/car shootings, ambush style attacks, and/or bringing shooter video games to real public spaces. Splat-R-Ball guns are used in team v team type situations and also are used to target unsuspecting and/or unarmed persons. The guns shoot 8 water beads per second at 136 MPH. They resemble a Nerf-style toy gun. The water beads, or orbeez, cause welts on the skin. These are painful and can also cause significant injury if hit in the eye.

At the end of last week we started receiving reports of these guns in our community. Splat-R-Ball guns are not permitted on school campuses. Do not allow your child to bring these guns to school. As a reminder, anything that occurs from the time your child leaves your house in the morning to when they arrive home from school can have school consequences, even if it occurs off school grounds. 

School safety is our top priority. Students, staff, and parents may report any unsafe activities to the school office or by using the anonymous tip line. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our students and school safe.

Dr. Brett Geithman


Board of Trustees

Annie Sherman, President

Eric Schmautz, Vice President

Monica Cañas, Clerk

Amir Movafaghi

Sarah Mueller