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Thank You Survey Takers, Spring Break Re-Entry Plan, and Marin's Smarter Schools Plan

Dear LCMSD Community,

Thank you to all who participated in our school surveys. These are essential to gather feedback from our parents, staff, and students (grades 3-8 took surveys in class) to inform our next steps as a district. We are committed to providing the very best experience for students and surveys are an important to measure our progress. Results from this survey will be presented to the Board during their April 20, 2022 meeting.

Below are some additional announcements. 

Spring Break Re-Entry Plan

Marin County Public Health is not recommending re-entry COVID testing for spring break. Therefore, we will not be asking all students and staff to test on April 10th. However, we are pleased to share that on March 30th we will be providing all students and staff with additional tests to have at home. These tests are only for LCMSD students and staff and should only be used when symptoms are present. Please report all (positive and negative) results from district issued tests here. If a student, staff, or household member is positive, please email for specific instructions. 

32-Point Plan is Now the Marin County SMARTER Schools Plan

As we enter this next phase of COVID, Marin County Public Health is shifting their school guidance and providing an acronym (SMARTER) to efficiently communicate it. 

S: Shots (keep vaccinations up to date)

M: Masks (using as recommended based on community prevalence) 

A: Awareness (of community prevalence)

R: Readiness (for implementation of preventative and responsive measures)

T: Tests (access to)

E: Education

R: Resilience

Thank you,

Dr. Brett Geithman

Board of Trustees

Annie Sherman, President

Eric Schmautz, Vice President

Monica Cañas, Clerk

Amir Movafaghi

Sarah Mueller