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Update on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Update on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Dear LCMSD Community,

On November 15, 2023, we sent out a district-wide communication regarding a few incidents of antisemitism and hate speech. We stand behind our message; this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our schools.  LCMSD takes all forms of antisemitism and hate speech seriously. We have explicit consequences if students engage in such behavior and consistently follow through with them. Along with a disciplinary response, we also provide opportunities for teaching and learning. This takes planning and coordination to do it well.

As stated in November, it is our commitment to keep you informed of our progress in expanding teaching and learning opportunities. On January 17, 2024, the LCMSD Board of Trustees ratified a contract with Critical Friends, a consultant group led by former LCMSD, TUHSD, and Miller Creek SD leader, Tenisha Tate. The Critical Friends partnership is the next step in our district-wide commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Specifically, Critical Friends will support LCMSD through:


Leveraging Staff Leadership

  • Strategic Planning - Thought Partnership on long-term visioning and planning for further integration of DEIB work into our school system.


Tool Development

  • Social Justice Curriculum Curation/Development

    • Grade-appropriate, Learning for Justice, Social Justice Standards aligned lessons will be developed and curated. These topic-specific lessons will be delivered district-wide on a monthly basis within each classroom by LCMSD classroom teachers. The anticipated start date is in February. 


Incident Response Protocol Development

  • Development of a comprehensive response plan for concerning incidents. Including suggested steps from the immediate response to student re-entry. This includes consistent, age-appropriate learning opportunities, as well as facilitated repair (as appropriate). 

Our next steps also include continued staff development. Previously staff and the Board have engaged with Race Work facilitated by Dr. Lori Watson, as well as several years of equity work led by Kristie Martinez. Our immediate next step is scheduled for January 24, 2024, when elementary teachers will be engaging in a session to increase awareness of the four different types of antisemitism, discuss its origins, and how it has evolved. This workshop titled, “The History of European Antisemitism” will be facilitated by Kristen Hallahan from the Institute for Curriculum Services. We are working to schedule the Hall Middle School teacher session for February. 

Additionally, our School Safety Task Force is committed to creating safe and inclusive learning environments for all students and staff. Before winter break, a safety perception survey was administered, a two-day physical inspection of all schools was conducted, and a two-day collection of qualitative data on school climate and culture was completed at all three schools. Results from these analyses will be examined at the January 31, 2024 Task Force Meeting. Following the analyses, an action plan will be developed. 

Please know that we will continually provide you with updates on our next steps. Thank you for your partnership and commitment to making LCMSD schools safe spaces for all children and staff.

Dr. Brett Geithman



LCMSD Board of Trustees
Eric Schmautz, President
Amir Movafaghi, Vice President
Beth Blair, Clerk
Natalie Medved
Annie Sherman
Brett Geithman, Ed.D.