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We Are One: Social Justice Lesson #2

We Are One: Social Justice Lesson #2

Dear LCMSD Community,

Today students participated in the second We Are One: Social Justice Lesson. Last time, students focused on some of the parts of their identity. Today, students explored other factors that shape who we are and how our identities are affected by the environment we are in. K-5 students read Name Jar by Yangsook Choi. Middle school students used the text Two Names, Two Worlds to explore the complexity of identity. This lesson was grounded in Social Justice Standard: Identity 5: Students will recognize traits of the dominant culture, their home culture, and other cultures and understand how they negotiate their own identity in multiple spaces. 

To follow up on this lesson, consider engaging in these discussion prompts with your children at home:

  • Grades K- 5

    • Talk about the significance/ meaning of your child’s name. What is their “name story?”

    •  Ask:

      • What did you notice about yourself?

      • Are there things that are different about you at home from at school?

      • Do you think your classmates may have to be different in different environments (i.e. have a different name at school than at home or speak a different language at home than at school?)

      • What are ways that you can be your authentic self in all settings?

  • Grades 6 - 8

    • When you completed the chart today, did you notice things that are different about you at home from at school?

    • What factors/reasons contribute to you being different in different environments?  

    • How can you be your authentic self in all settings?

Our commitment is beyond being responsive to incidents within our community. Our goal is to intentionally teach our students how to be proud of who they are, be kind to one another, celebrate our differences, and solve problems collaboratively with care and compassion. These efforts support our sustained commitment to empowering our students to be social justice leaders in high school and beyond. Thank you,  Schools Rule Marin for generously funding this program!

The lesson will be available in the Main Office for parents who want to view it. 

Thank you,

Dr. Brett Geithman