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We Are One: Social Justice Lesson #4

We Are One Lesson #4

Dear LCMSD Community,

Today students participated in the fourth We Are One: Social Justice Lesson. Last time, students explored the topics of perspective taking and diversity. Today, students learned about stereotypes. Specifically how people or groups of people can be stereotyped for their differences, why stereotyping is harmful and what they can do about it. This lesson was grounded in Social Justice Standard 11: Students will recognize stereotypes and relate to people as individuals rather than representatives of groups. (Learning For Justice Social Justice Standards, 2022).

To follow up on this lesson, consider engaging in these discussion prompts with your children at home:

  • Grades K- 1

    • What is a stereotype?

    • What can you say to interrupt a stereotype?

    • What did you learn about the main character in the story?

  • Grades 2 - 8

    • What is the definition of a stereotype?

    • What are the negative effects of stereotyping?

    • How can one recognize when they or others are participating in stereotyping?

    • How can one interrupt stereotypes when we see it happening?

    • Share with your child an example of when you have interrupted a stereotype.

Our commitment is beyond being responsive to incidents within our community. Our goal is to intentionally teach our students how to be proud of who they are, be kind to one another, celebrate our differences, and solve problems collaboratively with care and compassion. These efforts support our sustained commitment to empowering our students to be social justice leaders in high school and beyond. Thank you,  Schools Rule Marin (through SPARK) for generously funding this program!

The lesson is available in the Main Office for parents who want to view it.

Thank you,

Dr. Brett Geithman



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