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Congratulations on a Great 2023-24 School Year!

Congratulations on a Great 2023-24 School Year!

Dear LCMSD Community,

Congratulations to our 8th grade graduates! We wish them much success as they move into high school and will miss our families graduating out of LCMSD. 

As we approach summer break, I want to take a moment to share my appreciation for all of the students, parents, staff, and community members that make LCMSD such a special place to learn and grow. This has been a great year with many highlights and accomplishments:

  • Expanded universal mental health screeners so that all students in grades 4-8 are screened

  • First Partner, Jennifer Siebel Newsom visited Cove School as a model for physical education and social-emotional learning

  • Implemented a new MFT intern program to expand student access to mental health services at school

  • Annie Sherman named Marin County Trustee of the Year

  • We are very proud of our Golden Bell awardees this year: Lyn Everly, Florencia Gascon, Natasha Griffin, Alyce Hinshaw, Victor Quintana, Dana Swisher, and Amy’s Drive Thru

  • Collaboratively, with our employee groups (LCMEA and CSEA), increased health benefits so that employees will not pay a premium when selecting Kaiser HMO (previously staff paid approximately $800 per month)

  • Furthered our professional development offerings that include workshops, classroom-based experiences with teams of teachers, demonstration classrooms, a partnership with Marzano Research Institute to support standards-based grading at Hall, and personalized coaching sessions with teachers

  • 20 teachers piloted iReady assessments and My Path personalized learning tools which will be implemented district-wide in 2024-25

  • Shifted literacy practices with an emphasis on Word Study Workshop to align with the science of reading

  • Implemented DIBELS MClass literacy screener

  • Offered Literacy, standards-based grading, and CGI math parent workshops to support practices at home

  • Began the We Are One district-wide social justice lessons

  • Teachers, staff, administrators, and the community continued high levels of collaboration to provide safe school environments, including the ongoing work of the School Safety Task Force 

  • Hanover Research conducted a school safety study

  • Keenan conducted a school climate and school safety study

  • Partnered with Hanover Research to gather feedback from 11 focus groups (students in grades 6-10, parents of 6-10 graders, staff teaching grades 6-10) on standards based grading; final report will be delivered in the summer

  • Kicked off our long-term vision process, LCMSD 2036, with the leadership team, Board of Trustees, and three Student Summits (5th graders, middle schoolers, and high schoolers); more to come in the fall

  • Implemented successful literacy and mathematics interventions

  • This summer we will be holding our fourth year of summer school

  • Implemented the plan to balance the budget

  • Committed to two years of additional intervention

  • Gave Hall Gym a much-needed refresh

  • Shared services and best practices in literacy, EL strategies, business services, and behavioral intervention

  • Engaged in many exciting campus activities: socials, assemblies, Hall clubs, dances, athletics, and so much more


Wow - this year has been quite a success! On behalf of the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District, thank you to our Board, teachers, staff, administrators, parents, community members, and of course our students! 

Congratulations on doing an extraordinary job in the name of our children.

With gratitude,

Brett Geithman, Ed.D. 

Below are some end of the year LCMSD announcements:


Education isn’t just a job, it is a passion, it becomes your identity, it is the fire inside you to make a difference in the lives of children and families. Retirees, thank you for your dedication and service to the profession. Collectively, this distinguished group represents 140 years of service to the students and communities of Larkspur and Corte Madera. Your impact will last for generations. Congratulations to this year's retirees:

  • Cathleen Acheritogaray, Paraprofessional/Secretary, Cove School

  • Katie Hooper, Student Services Specialist, District Office

  • Liza Mathews, EL Specialist at Cove School, Art Teacher/Intervention Specialist at Neil Cummins

  • Mary Anne O’Keeffe, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, District Office

  • Janet Pollack, 4th Grade Teacher, Neil Cummins

  • Lori Restani, 1st Grade Teacher, Neil Cummins

  • Vincenza Costa, Paraprofessional, Cove School

Welcome New Staff for 2024-25

  • Max Abrahams, Elementary Music (Neil Cummins and Cove)

  • Madison Cavanagh, Ed Specialist at Neil Cummins

  • Karmela Cleary, Executive Assistant: Superintendent and Human Resources

  • Dorota Hryniszak, 4th Grade Teacher, Neil Cummins

  • Lacey Reese, Ed Specialist at Hall

  • Natalie Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher, Cove

  • Edith Valencia, Student Services Specialist

  • Jennifer Yu, Licensed Vocational Nurse

  • Sarah Wagner, Kindergarten Teacher, Neil Cummins

Summer "Homework"

I've been asked by a number of parents what students should focus on during the summer. Below is my number one recommendation:


Read, read, and read more! Just because it is summer, that doesn't mean your student should take a break from their 20 minutes of reading per day. Please see the excellent advice and resources below from our LCMSD Librarian, Joy Lynn King.


Reading and engaging with books and text is always important, but perhaps even more so over the summer. According to Booksource, “Students who read during the summer gain an average of 1 month of reading proficiency. Students who don’t read lose an average of 2-3 months proficiency and over time, those lost months add up to years.” Access to books and student choice is key. Students are motivated when they can choose books they are interested in and reflect their personal interests. Here you can find Ms. King’s summer reading suggestions. 

Measure A - TUHSD

The Tam District’s Measure A on the March 5, 2024 ballot fell a few hundred votes short of the 55% threshold required for passage. Measure A was a school bond measure to provide dedicated funding to finance facilities repairs and improvements at all TUHSD sites, including Redwood High School.

The TUHSD Board is actively considering placing another smaller school bond measure on the November 5, 2024 ballot that still meets the high schools’ most critical facility and safety needs. Given the aging high schools are more than 60 years old, there are needed repairs. Those needs include replacements and upgrades for roofs, HVAC, ADA, classroom building replacements, IT, kitchen space, athletic safety projects and bathroom plumbing. It is important that we provide safe learning environments, free of leaky roofs, water damage and mold infestation.


If this potential bond measure passes in November, TUHSD will have the dedicated funding to meet identified facilities needs for the current and next generation of students and staff. But if a potential bond measure fails again in November, the Tam District cannot consider another bond measure until 2026, leaving over $80 million in safety repairs requiring the use general operating funds to make repairs. Using general operating funds for safety repairs would necessitate budget cuts to staff or programs for current and future students.   

LCMSD Board of Trustees
Eric Schmautz, President
Amir Movafaghi, Vice President
Beth Blair, Clerk
Natalie Medved
Annie Sherman
Brett Geithman, Ed.D.