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Student Conduct Expectations


Student Conduct Expectations


Hall is a positive, supportive and safe environment where everyone can thrive.

All students will adhere to the following guidelines to help us continually improve our Culture of Learning. Further information can be found in our Student Handbook. Our school community expects and promotes:


Disruption-free learning environments

Every student contributes daily to a positive and constructive learning experience for their peers and themselves.

  • Students will respect and respond appropriately to each other, staff and substitutes.
  • Cell phones will be turned off and in backpacks or lockers from 8:20 AM until dismissal.
  • Students will be on time to each class every day.
  • No hats, food or gum are permitted in classrooms and the Library.
  • Students will adhere to the Dress Code every day.


Respectful interactions with everyone at all times

It is never acceptable or allowed to harass and/or bully other students, staff or community members.

  • Bullying behaviors are prohibited and will be reported immediately when observed.
  • If you see something, say something to a trusted adult.


Safe and respectful campus environments

Our campus is an extension of the classroom and all classroom expectations apply on school grounds.

  • No tackling, hitting, wrestling, play-fighting or disrupting other’s games are permitted.
  • Appropriate and respectful conduct in the Library at all times.
  • Students will not tamper with or take other’s property - if it isn’t yours, leave it alone.
  • Students will eat lunch in designated areas only and clean up after themselves.
  • Cutting and/or pushing in the lunch line are not permitted.
  • Students are not allowed to leave campus without adult supervision.


Appropriate, respectful and safe use of technology and social media

We provide access to technology to enhance student learning. Access to technology is a privilege that can be revoked.

  • Students will never video, record or share images/videos of fellow students or staff without teacher permission.
  • Students will not produce, access or publish inappropriate and/or hurtful material online.
  • It is never acceptable to insult or harass fellow students/staff via text, email and all social media apps.
  • Students may not access computer games unless given permission from staff/club advisor.