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School Supplies!

We buy school supplies so you don't have to! We believe that all students should come to school in August with a classroom that is stocked and ready to go. While this year was not typical and next year's approach is still to be determined, school supplies are still very much needed and appreciated -- possibly even more than before! With the likelihood of each child needing their own individual set of supplies and manipulatives, Neil Cummins will definitely put the money to good use! We  ask all families with incoming K through 5th grade students to donate $50 per child, per school year. This will enable teachers to order supplies for all students in an eco-friendly, equitable, and cost effective manner (they get excellent teacher discounts). By contributing here, your child will get basic school supplies including: paper, pencils, glue, scissors, crayons, markers, notebooks, folders, etc with no trip to the store! The requested contribution is $50 per student, but please give what you are able (please consider purchasing an extra set of supplies to support a child who may not be able to afford one).
Please look for an Actionaly message and make your contribution. Thank you!