Keeping Our Schools Safe Newsletter

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Dear LCMSD Community,

Our top priority is to keep students and staff safe; therefore, we are continually revisiting procedures and collaborating with police and fire on best practices. Please review the important information below. Thank you for your partnership in helping us maintain safe schools.

Brett Geithman, Ed.D.




Anonymous Tip Line

  • Is located on each school site’s homepage and the main LCMSD page.
  • Talk to students about this anonymous tip line. It can (and has) been a forum for students (and parents) to report concerns about friends or classmates (i.e. Charles is acting differently than usual and I am worried about him, I’m concerned that Chloe might hurt herself, Jaden told me he was going to hurt several kids at school).
  • Notification is sent immediately to the principal, superintendent, and senior director.

ID Badges

  • All visitors are required to swipe a photo ID in the main office (this will perform a background check).
  • If there is an issue with the individual checking in, the principal is notified immediately via text and the visitor is told to wait in the office for the principal.
  • All staff have been issued ID badges to be worn at all times.
  • If you see someone without a staff or visitor badge, say something - tell the individual to report to the office or call the office.
  • Per California Law, all middle school student IDs will have the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline printed on the back.

Intruder/Active Shooter/Lockdown Drills

  • LCMSD drills intruder/active shooter protocols on a regular basis.
  • We do not call these “active shooter drills” as that may scare students. We call them lockdown or intruder drills. It is explained that sometimes there are unsafe situations on campus where we need to lock doors. For example, one year Hall Middle School went on lockdown because horses were running through campus. 
  • New Fire Drill Protocol: Last year we implemented this recommendation from law enforcement and will continue drilling this new procedure. If the fire alarm is triggered, classrooms go into lockdown unless they smell smoke, feel heat/flames, or are instructed over the intercom to exit the building. 
  • The first drill will occur within the first five days of school.
  • It is difficult to shelter children from hearing about violence in the world. Here is a tool to help talk to your child about violence.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

  • ICE is not allowed access to any student or student records, as California is a sanctuary state. 
  • LCMSD is committed to protecting the right of every student to attend public school, regardless of the immigration status of a student or of a student’s family members. This commitment extends to school employees having the right to work in a welcoming environment as well. 
  • The police, superintendent, and our legal counsel will be called immediately if ICE enters school grounds.

Getting to School Safely

  • Crossing Guard Updates (Neil Cummins)
    • The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) has approved a request made by the Town of Corte Madera to move the crossing guard from Pixley and Redwood to Tamalpais and Eastman. The Town of Corte Madera will provide enhanced enforcement from Central Marin Police Authority at Pixley and Redwood, and are planning safety enhancements at this location.
  • High Canal Path Closure
    • The Town of Corte Madera has a slope repair construction project coming up along High Canal.  Due to environmental constraints, the construction project is restricted to September to mid-November; otherwise, it would have been their goal to complete the work while school was on summer break. Below is a diagram showing the pedestrian detour routes that will be available. There will be detour posters on either end of the closure to assist the community. 

closure map

  • Safe Routes to School
    • Check out this website for additional information on getting your child safely to campus.

Safety Plans

  • Plans are annually updated and reviewed with staff members.
  • All documents are not published for the public to review. This protects our schools from potentially harmful individuals. 
  • LCMSD schedules drills monthly and collaborates regularly with first responders.


  • Lock Bloks - all LCMSD doors are locked at all times. They can be propped open with a LockBlok, which is a device that can quickly secure a classroom in the event of an emergency.
  • Window Coverings - all LCMSD classrooms are outfitted with window coverings in the event of a lockdown or other emergency.
  • Network Upgrade - Over the summer, restricted monies designated for facility improvement were used to upgrade our network. This upgrade has provided additional bandwidth for:
    • Security Systems - LCMSD is expanding the alarm/security network across all schools. This also includes controlled substance detectors.
    • Cameras - Will be installed this fall at all school sites. 

Personal Electronic Devices

LCMSD understands that parents utilize technology (watches, cell phones, etc.) to communicate with their children and might view devices as a safety tool. During school hours, devices must remain off and stored in a backpack or other location. If your child needs to call you during school hours, they will use the school's landline. LCMSD is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.

Questions to Ask Before a Playdate 

Safety is important to all of us and might have been a driving factor in your decision to raise your children in Marin. Even though we live in a safe community, it is important for us to ask some simple questions (from this article) before our children go on a playdate.

  1. Who will be watching the children? Is it an older sibling, nanny, relative, or parent?
  2. Do you have a pool, trampoline, or any other things that are potentially unsafe? If your child is younger, ask who will be watching the children if they go in the pool. If your child cannot swim, let the parent know and ask if there is a fence around the pool. 
  3. Do you have any unlocked guns in your house? Experts believe that 8 kids a day are shot unintentionally by unsecured guns found in the home. The Brady Center partnered with the AdCouncil to create and launch a campaign to end "Family Fire." 
  4. What are your rules about screen time? Common Sense Media and Parenting in the Digital World are great resources to create your family rules around screen time. 
  5. Do you have any pets? Ask if the pet is friendly around children, or if there is anything you should know about it before your child comes over.