LCMSD Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - March 16, 2020

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Dear LCMSD Community,

This morning we began all of our virtual staff meetings with gratitude because even in times like these, there are many aspects of life for which to be grateful. As a school community, we are grateful for you. The support, patience, and flexibility you have while we navigate these uncharted waters embodies what LCMSD is grounded in - community. WE, as a collective, will get us through this and any other challenges that might come our way. Thanks for your support and staying strong for your children, as they are our top priority.

We will be sending updates daily. We have several important updates for you today. I understand this is a lot of text, but please read carefully to ensure you have all of the most up to date information.

Shelter in Place

I need to inform you that Bay Area Public Health Officers issued shelter in place orders that will become effective at midnight. This situation is evolving rapidly. We are doing our best to respond promptly and communicate effectively while acknowledging that the unprecedented nature of this event makes this exceedingly difficult.  

To summarize the order, for a minimum of three weeks, Bay Area services will be restricted to those deemed essential including: grocery stores, critical public and private sector services, K-12 education, gas stations, and health care facilities. With this in mind, LCMSD reviewed the essential functions we provide, determining who will need to continue to report to work to fulfill their responsibilities, who will be able to work from home, who will need to report to work and fulfill other responsibilities (as disaster workers), etc.

Extension of School Closure 

Due to the shelter in place, LCMSD schools will not reopen until April 13, 2020

Open House

The CDC has recommended that all events of 50 people or more are canceled/postponed for 8 weeks. Cove, Neil Cummins, and Hall Middle Open Houses have been postponed until a later date (to be determined). 

Distance learning  

  • You will receive an email from your child’s teacher by 9:30 AM tomorrow regarding distance learning assignments.
  • Expect 3-5 hours daily of work for students
  • Teachers will have daily scheduled “office hours” for online/phone conferences with students and parents. Your teacher will send you their office hours schedule. Additionally, Hall Advisory teachers will call each student once per week to check in on their academic progress and keep them feeling connected to school.
  • Elementary work packets can be picked up at your school between 8:00-11:00 AM in boxes labeled with your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher will notify you if there is a packet to pick up. Additionally, they will email you a PDF version of the packet that you can print at home.  
  • If your child needs to borrow a Chromebook during this school closure, please email LCMSD Tech Support ( with the name, grade and school of your child. We are loaning Chromebooks in waves and will contact you when it is ready for pick up. 
  • Families can contact LCMSD Tech Support ( with any technology questions or issues.
    • If experiencing bandwidth issues at home, we suggest your child uses the Google Hangout call-in option on a cell phone. 

Social distancing

We ask that you follow the strictest social distancing practices as much as possible during this uncertain period of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are directing this to students as well as to adults and families. Please do not allow your children to congregate with others and limit them and yourselves to a small group of individuals that you will be in physical contact with. 

Parents, we need you to support your children by keeping them AND others safe. The CDC has been clear and common sense requires this response. We all have a responsibility to do our part to make sure we keep the entire community safe. Please keep in mind that there are essential staff members and people at LCMSD and beyond who are risking their health and the health of their families to perform necessary functions in our school and in our communities right now. Front line employees including custodial and maintenance crews that are still at schools cleaning classrooms and offices to make our school a safer place for those who are still coming to work during closures. There are also dedicated medical personnel, bus drivers, law enforcement officials, daycare workers, firefighters, grocery store cashiers, and many more who are all essential for our communities to function. Please respect their service to the community by making responsible choices during this circumstance. The major reason for LCMSD’s closure is to engage in social distancing. Although families will need to make their own decisions, I advise you strongly to be mindful about gatherings and multiple contacts between students and suggest no congregating in ways that can help spread this virus. Thank you for making this a priority. Working together, and individually, we can help support the health and welfare of the larger community. 


If families are unable to get to Hall to pick up lunches due to lack of transportation,  please contact Nichole Urrea (  or Paula Rigney ( so that meals can be delivered to your school site. Please provide the number of lunches needed. 

Take care,

Brett Geithman, Ed.D. and the LCMSD Leadership Team