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Dear LCMSD Community,

Thank you for a successful first week of distance learning. Our whole community came together and made this work. It takes a village, and we are one strong village. 

Like me, I am sure you are inundated with emails, texts, and all manner of advisories and information regarding COVID-19.  It is hard to sift through it all, not to mention time-consuming. As a result, I'll try to keep this email as brief as possible.  Below are our updates:

State of the District - Facebook Live 

We appreciate all who tuned in and hope we were able to answer the questions you might have regarding school closures and distance learning. Here is the slide deck from today’s presentation and here is the Facebook Live video.

What does 3-5 hours per day of learning include?

We’ve had several questions regarding what “counts” in the 3-5 hours per day of daily instruction. This includes all core subject areas (reading, writing, math, science, social studies), as well as music, art, physical education, typing club, technology, world languages, etc. Throughout a typical school day students are engaging in these subjects; therefore, when your teacher shares a music, art, PE, etc. lesson for the day, that “counts” too in the 3-5 hour guideline. 

Statewide Shelter in Place Issued

Last night Governor Newsom issued a statewide shelter in place until further notice. Here are Governor Newsom’s orders, and here is an article where you can read more about last night’s press conference. We spoke about this with the Marin County Department of Public Health, as well as the Marin County Office of Education. We have not adjusted our reopening date, but will keep you informed of any changes.

Take care,

Brett Geithman, Ed.D. and the LCMSD Leadership Team