The curriculum at Hall Middle School is centered on the following principles set forth in the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District Strategic Plan:

    Student Outcomes

    We believe that in order for our students to be successful in college and careers, all learners must demonstrate the 21st Century skills necessary for this success.  Learners will:

    • Be Effective Communicators

    • Be Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers

    • Use Curiosity and Imagination

    • Use Creativity to Express and Explore Learning

    • Collaborate with Others in Learning and Leading

    • Be Flexible and Resilient

    • Demonstrate Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

    • Innovate 


    Our Habits of Learning rubric aligns with these outcomes and defines the key life skills we want all students to develop, along with the academic content across all disciplines. Our report cards will report on aspects of the Habits of Learning every trimester, along with students using the rubric as a tool for self-reflection and growth throughout the year.

    Teachers work collaboratively to develop units of study with clear learning objectives rooted in Common Core Standards. All teachers and staff support student learning through these core practices:

    Focus on growth towards proficiency and mastery

    One of our primary goals is to help all students understand that learning comes through effort. The brain is a muscle that gets stronger with practice and persistence. Rather than accept a mindset of "I'm not good at this," we base our Culture of Learning on the idea that "With practice and support, I can learn and grow in any subject I study."

    Assessment for learning

    Teachers are constantly assessing student learning through a series of formative and summative assessments. Grade level and department teams gather regularly to analyze assessment results to determine overall strengths as well as areas of continued focus and improvement in instructional practices. Additionally, teachers empower more self-directed student learning by facilitating ongoing processes of self-reflection and peer review. Hall Middle provides a number of interventions, including two Math Support classes, to support students who need additional help.

    Emphasis on collaboration and communication

    Walk into any classroom on any given day and you will see students working together. While each student is responsible for their own learning trajectory, our teachers create learning environments that operate like teams - each child making a unique contribution to the bigger experience. Learning is a social experience, through which students learn to communicate their ideas (spoken, written) and understand the ideas and perspectives of their peers.

    Integrated Art and Technology

    While we offer discrete classes in Art and Technology, all teachers integrate art and technology fluidly into their lesson design. From work on paper to building websites, students are provided with myriad opportunities to develop and express their creativity and fluency through various media and technological platforms.