• Mission of Hall Community Service
    The Hall Community Service Program encourages all students to participate in volunteer activities which improve the lives of others outside our school community.
    Program Guidelines

    What is Community Service at Hall? 

    • Volunteering with organizations and at events, or initiating projects, that help others in need.
    • On campus community service opportunities include: making posters for Hall Gott's Night, Hall Walkathon and SPARK Fun Run; setting up and tearing down Cove and Neil Cummins Holiday Store; campus clean-up.

    What is not Community Service at Hall?  

    • Student-to-student tutoring during advisory
    • Leadership Class activities during school hours 
    • Helping family members with household chores or babysitting
    • In school teacher-led community service events like Valentine card making
    • Community service as a consequence of misconduct

    How do I record my completed hours?

    • Fill out the Community Service Hours Submission Form. You can download it to your computer, fill it out and turn it into the Hall office.
    • This form is also available in the Hall office.  You must submit all forms to the Hall office.
    • Don’t forget to get the signature of a supervising adult or parent.
    • Complete hours between August 17, 2022 and May 1, 2023

    Recommended Hours 

    8th Grade: 8 hours*

    7th Grade: 7 hours

    6th Grade: 6 hours
    A minimum of 3 hours of Community Service is required to participate in the 8th grade graduation ceremony. Students who complete 20 hours or more will earn a seal on their diploma. 
    All students performing the recommended hours for their grade level or beyond will be recognized at the end of the academic year.