Hall is proud to offer a quality after-school sports program for students of all levels, including new and experienced players. The schedules and coaches are subject to change, but the following sports are generally offered each year:


    FALL SPORTS (Mid-September to Mid-November):

    • Cross Country
    • Volleyball
    • Flag Football


    WINTER SPORTS (December to March):

    • Basketball


    SPRING SPORTS (Mid-February to Mid-May):

    • Track and Field


    Sign-ups: are offered at school and students are notified via the Hall Daily Informer when and how to sign-up. 

    Requirements: No experience is necessary, however, your child must have had a physical exam within the previous 12 months of the start of the season, and a signed permission form for each sport.

    Schedule: Game schedules will be posted on the Hall Calendar, and practices will be communicated to the team players and parents during the season.


    If you have any questions about Hall sports, contact Steve Johnston.