In an effort to allow all students access to public transit, Larkspur- Corte Madera School District will once again offer families a subsidy on Youth Tickets and the Marin Youth Pass which serve all local routes.  

    Marin Transit District will operate two route 117 busses in the morning (east to west and west to east) serving Hall, Neil Cummins, and The Cove School.

    Check this link for timetables: Route 117

    For elementary students attending The Cove and/or Neil Cummins and who reside in Larkspur, the District will assign a transportation aide to ride the bus for supervision and safety purposes.

    Bus passes are available for purchase in each school office.

    The cost of a Youth Pass is $210, which is 65% of the cost of a regular Youth Pass with District cost-sharing. We strongly encourage families to use public transportation and/or carpool to school. Safe Routes to Schools parent liaisons will work throughout the year to support walk, ride, and roll programs. We are proud of the sustainability efforts in the District.

    Eligibility forms for FREE Youth Bus Passes are also  available in either English or Spanish. Discounted passes will not be available unless this form is completed and on file the school office. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office, 415-927-6978 ext 2250, hallsecretary@lcmschools.org

    Youth Pass Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 

    Q. What if I lose my bus pass?

    A. Replacement ID cards are $5 and replacement bus stickers are $30 before January, and $15 after January (1/2 year rate). Please bring cash or a check payable to "Hall Middle School" to the office.

    Q.Which bus routes will accept the Youth Pass?

    A. The Pass will be good on all Marin Transit routes including the local routes and Supplemental School Routes operated by Golden Gate Transit, the West Marin Stagecoach, and community shuttles such as the Twin Cities, Santa Venetia and Marinwood-Terra Linda Shuttles. The pass will not be accepted on any Golden Gate regional or commute routes such as the 70/80 routes.

    Q. What if a student loses his/her ID with the Youth Pass sticker or it is stolen?

    A. If a student ID is lost or stolen, he/she needs to request a new one at the Hall office. Replacement ID's cost $5.00. He/she will be provided a new Youth Pass sticker from the designated school program coordinator.

    Q What if my Transit Pass sticker is damaged?

    A. If a Transit Pass sticker is damaged due to wear (e.g., it went through the laundry by accident!), but it is still readily identifiable as a current sticker, students may be able to obtain a new sticker at no cost. Bring the damaged pass to your school program coordinator for a replacement.

    Q. What happens at the beginning of the school year before a student is issued their student ID?

    A. Schools may distribute temporary Youth Transit Passes which will be valid on Marin Transit buses for only the first 6-8 weeks of the school year after which time all student ID cards with photos should be available.

    Q. What if my child forgets something on the bus?

    A. Call the Lost and Found at 415-455-2000. Remember to provide route number, date/time of loss, and item description.

    Q. Who can I contact if I have suggestions, comments or other questions?

    A. Send your suggestions, comments or questions about the Youth Transit Pass program to Marin Transit (contact information below).

    Marin Transit
    711 Grand Avenue, Suite 110
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    Tel: 415-226-0855