Course Description
    Welcome to the world of 6th grade Social Studies and Language Arts, also fondly called Core at Hall Middle School. Our work in Social Studies and Language Arts is highly integrated making for a rich curriculum. It is our hope to foster a classroom environment where student interest helps guide our study and focus within these subjects.
    In Social Studies, our curriculum is based upon the most influential ancient civilizations . We will investigate the study of Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, while making connections with modern day issues and topics. While we examine the world and the societies of the past, we will also be working on several important skills such as informational writing, historical research and inquiry-based learning.
    In Language Arts, students will stretch themselves as readers, writers and public speakers. As a class, we will be interacting with a variety of texts, while engaging in deep conversations around literary subjects, such as theme and character development. Students will continue to grow as writers. Throughout the year, students will work through the writing process - brainstorming, drafting, editing and publishing their writings.
    In 6th grade Core, our emphasis is on building a sense of community, while developing our skills as emerging writers and thinkers. Most of our work is done in a collaborative manner where we focus on authentic, meaningful projects and building 21st Century skills that students can carry forward into the future.