The purpose of homework at Hall Middle School is to extend and enrich the student learning experience beyond the classroom. Homework supports the learning that was done in class, and gives students the opportunity to go further with their own desire to acquire knowledge. Additionally, homework is designed to help students:

    • Foster growth and improvement by practicing skills and techniques.
    • Reinforce and extend the classroom learning experience.
    • Complete work not finished in class.
    • Explore a topic of personal interest and relevance.
    • Develop agency by using effort to practice and grow.
    • Self-assess their progress and strategize how to improve where needed.


    Homework is also a valuable tool for teachers, as it gives them the opportunity to:

    • Assess a student’s ability with a particular skill.
    • Understand broader trends in student learning - where they are successfully  acquiring knowledge and where they are struggling.
    • Inform classroom instruction.
    • Promote and develop the Studio Habits of Mind.


    Hall Middle School believes in helping our students foster a healthy sense of balance in life. Homework, therefore, is carefully designed to ensure that our students still have the opportunity to be children when the school day is over – to pursue their own passions while getting the proper amount of exercise and rest to leave them feeling excited and energized for their next day of school.