As our parent community, you deserve the best and most responsive communication we can provide. To that end, we have created a communication protocol for our parents. It is based on these guiding principles:
    1. Students and learning are the focus of our work, and communication that concerns student well-being and progress is a priority.
    2. Parent communication regarding their child/ren should first and foremost occur with the child's teacher.

    The first step for a parent to communicate a concern or information about their child should be to contact the teacher. Each teacher will provide parents with the best way to reach them (email or phone). Please contact the teacher before emailing or copying information to the principal or others. This refers to all school-related issues, including those that may occur before/after school or at recess. Teachers will return your contact within 24-48 hours (during the work week). In emergencies, please immediately contact the office staff who will locate a site administrator if necessary.

    If there is a concern that cannot be addressed or resolved between the teacher and the parent, please follow the steps below in communicating with principals:

    1. All requests for scheduling the principal's time should be directed to their secretaries. Each principal's secretary coordinates his/her calendar. Site administrators are normally most available before and after school in order to spend time during the day in classrooms providing instructional coaching. Please do not email the administrator to set up an appointment.
    2. Email may be used to relay necessary information and should be succinct. Email cannot be used as a vehicle for sharing confidential information.
    3. Information for student records can be shared/updated by the parent on Blupods (online) or a hard copy can be given to the front office.
    4. If the website does not contain the information you need regarding school activities, questions should be directed to the teacher or school secretary.
    5. Copying a site administrator is meant to inform but not to receive a response. Please include one person in the addressee line and those who are not expected to respond should be in the cc line.

    The implementation of these protocols will allow the principals to be more timely in responding to parent concerns. By following these protocols, you will allow us to focus our work on teaching and learning.