District Mission/Vision, Strategic Priorities, Core Values and Concepts, and Student Outcomes

    The Larkspur-Corte Madera School District is a high-performing K-8 school district where all schools have received the most recent California Distinguished Schools Awards and Hall Middle was also named one of two California schools selected as a National Distinguished School. LCMSD is approximately eight miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, California, serving families and students in (most parts of) the cities of Corte Madera and Larkspur. The residents of the Twin Cities community are very supportive of public education. The average per pupil spending is $18,000. Local revenue from business leases, a parcel tax, and SPARK, the Larkspur-Corte Madera Schools Foundation allow the district to provide exciting enrichment programs at its schools, including visual and performing arts, technology, engineering, social-emotional learning, and world language to its students.

    The district's Student Achievement Profile places it in the top 10% of public schools in California. The staff are collaborative and compassionate. Together with an active parent community, they serve as catalysts for growth who inspire and promote well-rounded, lifelong learners and future citizens of the world through challenging, innovative, rigorous curriculum. Class size averages 29 (6-8), 25 (4-5), and 22 (K-3) students per class. Our district provides an extraordinary education through its commitment to meeting the needs of each student with safe and healthy environments and an engaging and inspiring curriculum, while at the same time maintaining fiscal stability, and promoting strong community involvement.



    • Elementary Schools:  Neil Cummins Elementary, The Cove School
    • Middle School:  Henry C. Hall Middle School
    • 1,180 Students, K-8
    • 89 Certificated teachers, librarians, administrators
    • 51 Classified Staff
    • 2 Professional Experts
    • Marin County population: 265,294
    • Larkspur population: 12,752
    • Corte Madera population: 10,041


    • A Commitment to the Whole Child and a Learner-Centered Education: Our students master essential academic content and demonstrate critical thinking skills; exhibit a passion for learning; develop communication skills and a sense of personal competence and confidence; and acquire a commitment to civic and social responsibility. 
    • A Commitment to Collaboration Through Actively Engaged Teams: All staff participates in collaborative teams organized at every grade level, across grade levels, in and across department, within and across schools, and at the district level for the purpose of improving teaching and learning.
    • A Commitment to Our Collective Responsibility for All Kids in Academics, Behavior, and Character: All staff shares responsibility for every student with the belief that every student deserves our very best.
    • A Commitment to Data-Informed Decision Making & Best Practices: Staff make decisions supported by researched-based best practices and data rather than solely by opinion or conjecture. Data come from many sources including formal and informal assessments.
    • A Commitment to Summative and Formative Assessments Established at District, School, and Classroom Levels: Teachers regularly use teacher-designed and published formative and summative common assessments to inform instruction, to evaluate student progress, and to determine intervention needs.
    • A Commitment to Build Healthy Relationships: All staff constantly work toward creating a culture of healthy relationships among and between staff, students, parents, and community. 
    • A Commitment to Build Leadership and Shared Knowledge: Strong leadership, shared among staff at all levels, is critical to a culture of continuous improvement throughout our school district.