Established in 2014, with the input and support of our School Board and our community at large, The Cove School is an innovative public elementary school located in Corte Madera, California. The Cove supports a growth mindset and encourages thoughtful dialogue in order to create an open, positive environment and a culture of continuous improvement.

    The Cove School provides a unique education based on the Cove Guiding Principles.  Students at Cove enjoy the benefits of collaborative teaching, flexible learning spaces, leadership opportunities, and a tremendously supportive community. Cove students are well-prepared for success in our ever-changing world with their ability to think, problem-solve, innovate and contribute positively to their environment and the world at large.

    It is exceptional for our children to have such an innovative, forward-thinking environment in a public school setting. There is a magical feeling witnessing all of the programs in action at the Cove. It as if childhood is being savored at the same time as global citizens are being created.” - Cove Parent