The Cove Site Council, the administrative body for the Cove School, advances the Cove’s Guiding Principles and develops and manages the Single Plan for Student Achievement. This plan provides yearly academic, social emotional, innovation and communication goals for our school. 

    The Cove Site Council includes teachers, classified employees, the principal and parents and seeks to build a culture of trust, collaboration and accountability within our Cove community. The Council solicits community feedback to create a cycle of continuous improvement. The community is welcome at our meetings



    Michelle Walker, Principal, Ongoing

    Michele Hansen, Chair, Parent, June 2020

    Lisa Hielscher, Vice-Chair, Parent, June 2019

    Jessica Donehower, Parent

    Lisa Capobianco, Teacher, June 2018

    Jane Osterman, Teacher, June 2020

    Yousuf Dalal, Parent

    David Frankenberg, Parent

    Julia McKee, Teacher


    Site Council 2019-2020