The Cove School encourages families and students to choose green ways to school. Walking, scootering, biking, carpooling and taking the bus are all wonderful ways to reduce congestion, save time and money and start the day by being active. Studies show that by doing exercise before school increases student performance and attention and it’s also fun!

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to make your own green transportation plan. Safe Routes to School has created helpful tools to get you going green.

    1. Choose your mode of transportation:
    1. Walk or bike. Check out our Safe Routes link to find recommended safe routes of travel for walking or biking to The Cove.
      • There is a crossing guard located at the intersection of Spindrift and Prince Royal Passage for those entering the campus from the West.
    2. Take the bus. Cove partners with Yellow Bus Challenge. Visit the Yellow Bus Challenge website to purchase a pass and see schedules!
    3. Carpool.

    For driving: 

    • Drop-off in front of the school by driving through the loop and only stopping to let your child safely out of the car. Do not park. This creates an unsafe buildup of cars.
    • Pick-up in the loop by stopping only when you see your child waiting outside. Loop through again until you see your child to avoid an unsafe buildup of cars.
    • To walk your child to the gate, you must park your car. Please do not block our neighbor’s driveways or park in staff parking. There is no parking, drop off or pick up in the staff parking lot behind the school. There are limited visitor’s parking spaces in front of the school. There is neighborhood street parking. There is a parking lot at Cove Park adjacent to the school off Paradise Dr.


    Safe Routes Link:  http://www.saferoutestoschools.org/sr2s_larkspur_cortemadera.html

    Yellow Bus Challenge Website: