Research indicates that social and academic learning go hand in hand. The Cove School believes in the importance of Social and Emotional Growth. When a student feels emotionally safe, happy and known, they are ready to learn. Teachers and staff focus on knowing students individually, developmentally and culturally and seek to provide a school and classroom culture where relationships are positive, nurturing and cooperative. 

      Cove teachers incorporate mindfulness into the school day to enhance the classroom and school environment and set the stage for students to be present and focused on learning. Mindfulness is about awareness, paying attention to one’s own experiences through listening to the mind and senses. Students learn to quiet their minds and be aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions. With this awareness and presence, students can hold a place of non-judgement and accept themselves and others and learn to react to situations in a mindful way.  


      The Cove utilizes The Responsive Classroom Program, to actively involve students in setting the classroom and school culture. At the beginning of the year, teachers work with their students to agree on class rules such as how they want to be treated and how to treat others. The program works towards creating an environment of inclusion, self investment and trust. Student’s voices are listened to and differences are valued which supports positive, nurturing and cooperative relationships.

      Every morning students start their day with a Morning Meeting. They are greeted by their teachers and each other. These meetings provide an opportunity to connect with teachers and peers, learn about the day ahead, play leadership roles, be part of a group challenge and many other opportunities. Responsive Classroom is a positive program that promotes student involvement and supports an environment of learning.