At Cove, we have clear guidelines to ensure a productive learning environment for all. We request that The Cove Community adhere to these standards for everyone’s safety and well being. The Cove School also asks parents, students and staff to comply with the policies and procedures of the Larkspur Corte Madera School District.

    • Code of Conduct: Please review our Student Code of Conduct and Adult Code of Conduct on the Cove School websiteThis includes our school's discipline plan. In order to create an optimal environment for student learning, The Cove School expects that all members of our community adhere to these guidelines.

    • Attendance: It is essential that your child is here every day and on time. We aim for 98% attendance. Plan accordingly to do your part. Please do not take your children out of school for extended weekends or trips.  We have designed our district calendar to allow for travel days around holidays so that students do not need to miss school.  Our funding depends on our daily attendance; when a child is absent for any reason, the school loses money.  When students miss 5 or more consecutive days of school for an unavoidable reason, please work with our school office and your child’s teacher to complete an Independent Study Contract.

    • Illness/ Absence: Of course, if your child is sick, please keep him/her home. Please email coveabsentee@lcmschools.org prior to 9:00 AM. If we don’t hear from you, our automated system will call inquiring about your child’s whereabouts.

    • Tardy Policy: If your child is late to school he/she must come check in at the office and receive a late slip. Classroom teachers cannot welcome a student into their classes without this slip.

    • Snacks and Wellness Policy: Please send a healthy snack with your child each day. Our district has a wellness policy that states that celebrations that involve food during the school are limited to one party per class per month. Each party can include no more than one sugary food or beverage. Please do not bring food for the class without arranging with your teacher ahead of time. Here are ideas for Nutritious School Safe Nut-Free Snacks and Treats. Please be sure to look over our LCMSD Student Health and Wellness Board Policy to become familiar with our goals and guidelines.

    • Nut-Free Classrooms:  All TK and Kindergarten classrooms are nut free.  Please read this Food Allergy letter to parents.  Some the 1st -5th grade classrooms will also be nut free in order to protect children with life threatening nut allergies.  Please do not prepare foods with nuts or nut oils for any classroom or school events.  Tree nuts include, but are not limited to, walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew, pistachio, and Brazil nuts. Please find several nutritious school safe nut-free foods here.

    • Dress Code: Cove follows the Current Board Adopted Dress Code (Revised November 17, 2021).


    • Banned Items: Consistent with our district strategic priority to cultivate safe, healthy, caring and inclusive school environments as well as the CA Education Code, we want to remind our parents (and will be visiting classrooms to remind students) that there are certain items that should never be brought to school. These include any knife, or toy weapons, real weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc. Please reinforce these rules with your child.