We recognize that some children have severe food allergies and/or dietary needs that require special conditions. It is our goal and responsibility to maintain a safe environment for all students during the school day.  The most effective way to accommodate a wide variety of food allergies is to implement grade specific guidelines that recognize developmental awareness of our elementary aged students. Kindergarten requires the most managed and restricted environment.  As our students mature, we encourage them to take more responsibility for their food allergies and dietary needs.

    Cove is an open campus during afterschool hours, weekends and holidays.  As a result, we cannot guarantee that our students will not be exposed to nuts or other food residue left on the school grounds.  We strongly encourage our parents to discuss precautions with their child to prepare for the possibility of exposure when they are at school.

    Due to the viscosity and unique nature of nut products, our district has implemented specific safety measures to meet the needs of students with nut allergies.


    Kindergarten:  Nut Restricted Classrooms and Kindergarten Playground

    • All kindergarten families will be asked not to send or bring any nuts or nut products to the kindergarten classrooms or play areas.
    • All students will eat in specific class locations based on dietary and food safety needs of their class.
    • One space may be designated for any student requiring nuts/nut products in their diet.


    First-Fifth Grades:  Nut Restricted Classrooms and Lunch Recess

    • Specific classroom(s) will be designated for students with nut or other food allergies.
    • Students in Nut Restricted classrooms may bring nuts or nut products in their snack or lunch, but these foods may not be brought into the classroom. 
    • If needed, specific lunch tables will be designated as Nut Free to accommodate students who are Nut Restricted and peers from their class.


    Our families are encouraged to share in the responsibility of educating their child(ren) of food allergies and recommended safety precautions, including frequent hand washing, hand wipes, and/or use of individual lunch mates, etc.  The school nurse is available to discuss individual needs and concerns.