The Cove community takes shape through collaboration and participation. Everyone contributes in their own way and has collective ownership of The Cove's success. Key elements of The Cove community include collaborative teaching, volunteerism, and community partnerships. The collaborative feeling that permeates The Cove School creates a supportive and safe place for authentic academic and personal growth to thrive. 


      The Cove Elementary School believes that Collaborative Teaching is a key factor in driving school-wide achievement. In order to meet the need for high quality, differentiated instruction and continual teacher growth, The Cove School adopted Collaborative Teaching as a model practice when it opened in 2014.

      Collaborative teaching is a process that includes two teachers working together with a group of students in a variety of flexible ways to meet the needs of every learner. At The Cove, collaborative pairs share learning suites adjoined by flexible and transparent walls and a small group learning space.

      Teachers have co-ownership over the progress of all of the students and provide targeted, small group instruction while creating a student-directed classroom. The student to teacher ratio is exactly the same as in a traditional classroom.


      Community engagement helps The Cove School thrive. Community partnerships expand a student’s perspective and provide opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. We work with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, higher education, and experts in our community to leverage resources in mutually beneficial ways.

      Every student can make a difference in the world by participating in real-life, real-word service learning projects. Through partnering with communities outside our school, our students learn to communicate, function and create change personally, socially, economically and politically on local, national and global levels.


      The Green Team is a student lead group of third graders who volunteer at lunch to assist and educate their fellow students to recycle and compost their lunch waste. The Green Team monitors the school waste station and sometimes visits classrooms to teach other Cove students about recycling, composting and reducing waste.   

      The Green Team regularly challenges the school to reduce their average daily lunch trash. In fact they reduced our waste from 30+ to less than 10 lbs. over a two week period! To reach this goal, students used math, science, public speaking and persistence. Green Team students saw real results from their efforts, such as getting the school waste average down to 10.61 lbs. a day during the challenge!

      At its core, The Green Team is a student driven hands-on problem solving team. While helping the planet, students learn to work with others, exercise leadership, solve problems and make a difference.