• Really Really Important Lunch Information
    On August 31st, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released nine Summer Meal Program Waiver Extensions that allows schools that have started the new school year to use the Seamless Summer Option (SSO) and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) through December 31, 2020 instead of the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. These waivers are in response to the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic.
    What does this mean to LCSMD???  This means anyone under the age of 18 is eligible for lunch at no cost.  You do not need to be eligible for Free or Reduced lunch to receive lunch, we will not ask for any information.  Please log into your LunchMaster account, the website has been adjusted to NOT require payment when ordering.  Please place your order and come to your students' school, Hall, Neil Cummins or Cove on Mondays between 12:15 - 1pm to receive the boxed lunch that contains 5 compliant meals.  
    DEADLINES: please place orders for Monday pickup by the Tuesday prior at 10am. LunchMaster will open a month of ordering at a time to help alleviate missing the deadline. 
    If you have trouble ordering or have additional students in your home that are not signed up on LunchMaster, please contact nurrea@lcmschools.org to place an order.
    LunchMaster will continue to deliver lunch boxes on Mondays and lunch pick-up/drive thru will be from 12:15 - 1pm.  

    Thank you,
    Nichole Urrea
    415-927-6960 x1


    Remote Learning Lunch Information

    Important Lunch Information - MONDAY LUNCH SERVICE ONLY

    The Larkspur-Corte Madera School District is partnering with our lunch provider LunchMaster to provide five days of lunch in one package, once a week, for all LCMSD students.  LunchMaster website will be up and ready to order one week before the start of school.  All students who would like to purchase a box of lunches for the week will need to order the lunch online. Students on Free and Reduced lunch will also need to order a lunch box online.

    Your ordered lunch will be available for pick up at the school your student is registered at.  Lunch hours are 12:15-1pm at each site


    AM/PM Learning Lunch Information

    The Larkspur-Corte Madera School District has contracted with TheLunchMaster for the Hot Lunch program for all three of our school sites.  TheLunchMaster is a family owned and operated business.

    Parents/guardians will need to register an account for each student HERE and then will be able to order lunches up to 4 weeks in advance.  Payments for the lunches will go through TheLunchMaster software.

    First Step to Register HERE

    You will need to know your students school code to register for an account.

    School Codes:

    Hall is hallmiddle

    Neil Cummins is neilcummins

    Cove is coveschool

    Instructions for registering your student for a hot lunch account and also how to order lunches are here.  There are two separate steps in this process.  Registering your student will help TheLunchMaster customize your student’s menu based on diet restrictions and allergies.

    Families that were on the National School Lunch Program (free/reduced lunches) in 2019-20 will need to complete an application to qualify for 2020-21 school year.  Please register online www.thelunchmaster.com and click the FRL button.  Nichole Urrea at the district office will receive your request and contact you.  If you were not on the program last year but feel you may qualify for free or reduced lunches, please click the request FRL button and you will be contacted.

    If you have any questions about registering and ordering lunches, please feel free to contact TheLunchMaster customer service anytime at lunchmaster@nobhillcatering.com or (855) 565-8624 and select option 2.

    For Free/Reduced application and information contact Nichole Urrea, nurrea@lcmschools.org or 415-927-6960 x1


    How much does lunch cost?

    Lunches cost $6.00 per day. Late lunches are $7.50 ~ with a 3% credit card processing fee per order. 

    You may opt to pay with a check to avoid the 3% fee.  Write a check payable to LCMSD for the amount you choose and deliver it to the District Office (230 Doherty Dr. Larkspur).  When the check is received, you will receive  notification that the credit is on your account and you can order lunches.

    What if my student forgets his/her lunch?

    If your child receives a LunchMaster emergency lunch because they do not have a lunch ordered the cost is $7.50 charged to your credit card by LunchMaster. 

    If the LunchMaster emergency lunches run out OR if your child is not registered with The LunchMaster,  your child can receive a healthy snack from the school office, the cost is $3.00 payable to Larkspur-Corte Madera School District. (you will be billed).

    Do meals served follow certain nutritional regulations?

    Our District participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and receives funding for compliant meals served to students. In order to receive funding, our District must follow strict requirements on portion sizes including specifications for Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Calories and Sodium.  In addition, lunches served each day must include required amounts of protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk.  A variety of vegetables from certain subgroups including dark green leafy, red/orange, and legumes (dried peas and beans) are also required each week.

    If my child is still still hungry, are seconds available?  

    No. The District operates under the Offer versus Serve model. Students will be served once and should request enough food while receiving their allowable portions of meat/meat alternative, grains, vegetables and/or fruits, and milk. Students may request larger portions of fruits and vegetables if quantities are available. 

    Board Policy 5030, Student Wellness recognizes the link between student health and learning and desires to provide a comprehensive program promoting healthy eating and physical activity for district students. We coordinate and align district efforts to support wellness through health education, physical education and activity, health services, nutrition services, psychological and counseling services, and a safe and healthy school environment. We are committed to providing nutritious, healthy lunches that include fresh, locally sourced, organic, non-GMO foods to the extent possible. We work closely with The LunchMaster to provide our school lunches.