Our school whole-heartedly embraces the idea that exercise and improved cognitive performance go hand in hand.  As such, we have dedicated 16 minutes 3 times a week to exercising to fun and inspiring music as a group! Learn more about My School In Motion here.

    Cove in Motion will be Tuesday-Thursday each week. On Fridays, students will meet their teachers and come to the gallery or blacktop for an assembly each week. On Mondays, each class conducts their own morning movement.

    Important Procedures

    • Arrive by 8:10 and have your child drop their backpack off outside their classroom and then meet us on the blacktop by 8:15 sharp!

    • Early arrivers should head out to the track and WALK around the track.  Please do not linger in the Cove Courtyard.  Once the track music starts (8:05), playground play ends.  Parents, please help by joining us in walking around the track and encouraging the kids around you to walk.  

    • Parent Participation Expectation: If you are on the blacktop during CIM, please join us in the exercise program along the sides and back of the classes. Do not stand in front on the side of the stage area. If you are not going to participate, we ask that you leave the playground.

    • Students who arrive after CIM starts will be marked tardy. They will be missing out on very important, fun and beneficial part of their instructional day.

    • CIM Expectations: Bodies forward, participate/try, follow the leader.

    Thank you for your support.