In 2008, the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District was looking to create a new school to accommodate the increasing school population. There were lots of details to work out before a school could be built such as; determining a location, the grade level configuration, its size and acquiring funding, designing the physical space, hearing from the community at large, and researching the desired pedagogy and learning approach to name just a few!

    In 2011, the District passed a Bond Measure and the school was a go! Architectural planning and design began. In the fall of 2012, Michelle Walker was named the new school's Principal and planning began. A Design Team was assembled and began working on the new school’s look and function. A team of teachers, administrators and our architects went to Harvard's Graduate School of Education to learn about physical spaces that strengthen and facilitate learning. Using input from a community kickoff meeting, a team of teachers, staff members, parents and the principal, a Program and Culture Committee was formed and worked on defining the desired culture and programs for Cove.

    A Program and Culture Committee was formed during the school year of 2013-14 and was comprised of teachers, parents, a classified staff member and Principal Walker.  The Committee was charged with the task of designing the program and culture of The Cove School based on the guiding question: “What practices and processes do we need to implement at The Cove School to ensure the success of all students?"

    During this year before The Cove School opened its doors, the Program and Culture Committee investigated best educational practices by reading books and copious articles, connecting with forward thinking educational organizations, visiting successful programs, inviting speakers and attending conferences.  Open meetings were also held with the Cove community to share ideas and brainstorm solutions.

    After much intense work, the Committee published the The Cove Guiding Principles, wrote a mission statement, and decided on a core set of Signature Practices that define the unique Cove School identity.

    Over the next few years, The Cove School was designed, built, named and opened with much celebration in the fall of 2014 as a TK-4th grade elementary school. From the first day, full use was made of the beautiful campus, flexible spaces and unique furniture. Cove students take great pride in maintaining and improving their school and enjoy the autonomy of making choices during their school day. In the fall of 2015, the Cove School opened its final buildings and welcomed fifth graders to our school.