Welcome to The Cove School, an innovative public elementary school in the Larkspur Corte Madera School District. The Cove is built around forward-thinking educational practices and flexible learning spaces. The highly engaged Cove community supports students as they inquire, explore, collaborate and create. At the center of The Cove School are four Guiding Principles (experiential learning, social emotional development, creativity, and community). These principles are brought to life through a variety of educational strategies, The Cove School’s Signature Practices.



    The Cove School is a community of active learners who inquire, think critically, collaborate, explore and create. By encouraging and supporting individuals to take risks, play and pursue passions, we foster intrinsic motivation to learn and discover the world around us. We learn through a multidisciplinary approach, and utilize facilities and technologies that support this vision. Achievements of all are individually and collectively recognized and celebrated.



    Critical Thinking through Experiential Learning
    We believe in hands-on, integrated learning that promotes play, passion and purpose. Students generate and explore questions around real-world challenges.

    Social and Emotional Development
    In order to cultivate intrinsic motivation and personal growth, we create safe, inclusive environments that celebrate differences. We are flexible, collaborative and reflective.

    We embrace the risk-taking necessary to build resilience and problem-solving skills. We move beyond our first thought, and we demonstrate our thinking in a variety of ways.  We strive to innovate.

    We grow partnerships locally and globally to enhance our thinking. We nourish lifelong learning and relationships that extend beyond the classroom.



    Signature Practices are the educational strategies The Cove School uses to realize the Guiding Principles. One example of a Cove Signature Practice is project based learning, a practice which advances experiential learning. Additionally, mindfulness supports a child’s social and emotional growth, tinkering fosters student creativity and collaborative teaching reinforces the importance of community.