1)  What process is used to develop the District budget? How is it communicated and will parents be involved?

    Our budget development process begins in January following the  Governor's proposed budget announcement. The Budget Development Calendar for 2023 - 2024 was approved at our January 18th Board Meeting. This calendar contains key dates in the Budget Development process. It is available by clicking "Budget" under Budget 2023 - 2024.  Questions and comments can be sent to

    2) What is the difference between LCFF and Basic Aid (Community-Funded) Districts?

    A community-funded school district is one in which the district's per-pupil property tax revenue exceeds its per-pupil revenue limit.  For these districts, the state does not provide any general purpose funding. Instead they receive all of their general purpose funding from local property taxes. Community-funded districts only receive state aid through various categorical programs.  More information can be found by clicking "LCFF vs. Basic Aid" on the left.
    3) What has the district done to increase or enhance revenue?

    1. The District has worked to increase our revenue a number of ways. These include:
    2. Improving attendance rates 
    3. Revising existing lease agreements where possible
    4. Charging allowable indirect costs to all local, state and federal revenues
    5. Where appropriate, charge to funds other than the general fund - e.g. some maintenance staff time can be charged to deferred maintenance funds
    6. Pursuing outside funding for grants - e.g. Arts Education

    4) How can parents help or contribute?

    It is critical that our attention remains focused on the bigger picture as we move through these troubled times. Our kids’ experiences will be enriching if we are able to maintain our wonderful programs throughout this difficult financial period. If we have to substitute different projects or speakers or field trips to save funding, we will make sure our replacements are quality and serve their educational purpose. The District is also focused on revenue enhancements where possible.

    Our parents and our community are so very generous, even in these trying times. All financial contributions should be made to the SPARK. Continuing to give financially to the Foundation and donating services through the PTA are not just a tremendous help, they are critical investments in our children’s extraordinary education, especially in these times of economic uncertainty.

    5) How can I obtain more information if I have questions pertaining to the budget?

    Please e-mail your questions to matkins@lcmschools.org. Your questions are directed to either Superintendent Brett Geithman or Chief Business Official, Megan Atkins, for their response to you.



Last Modified on May 30, 2024